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samedi 2 juin 2018Description
Quick, quiet and extremely economical deaeration. The quality of the water determines the performance of cooling and heating systems. A system with oxygen-rich water works less efficiently. Oxygen penetrates systems in various ways, resulting in corrosion and the formation of sludge. In turn, this produces resistance losses, additional wear and tear, unnecessary faults, disruption to the systems, reduced pump performance and irritating noises. Consequences: A lack of comfort, unnecessary loss of energy and a shorter service life of the system. It is therefore important to deaerate as quickly and efficiently as possible. Vacumat Eco This pressure-temperature controlled degasser deaerates extremely accurately and effectively. The Vacumat Eco deaerates at least seven times faster through the much greater and fully continuous deaeration capacity. Removing gases more quickly limits as much damage to the system as possible, avoids unnecessary faults and expensive repairs, and extends the life of the system. The Vacumat Eco is also eight times more energy efficient than the deaeration systems currently available on the market.

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